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The “GREASER” – Australia’s BEST Vintage Inspired E-bike



Based on the timeless 1920’s Board Tracker our “Greaser” ticks all the boxes for a cool electric cruiser that snaps necks!Perfect if you have lost your license and need to get to work or if you just want to be noticed on your daily commute.

image credit: michaelblas

With a POWERFUL 250 watt, geared brushless rear hub drive motor, the “GREASER”, gives you assistance when you need it the most! Against the WIND and up HILLS.

image credit: michaelblas

The “GREASER” is the PERFECT electric bike for your daily commute, with a SUPER EFFICIENT Samsung™ Lithium-Ion battery that can get you up to 50klm per charge, at 25+kph EASILY!


The bike’s aluminum frame mirrors the geometry of early motorcycles, but considering the pedaling involved, it looks more suited to short rides in good weather than for longer trips.

The Greaser comes in a variety of color schemes, sells for about AU$3000 in Australia, £1699 in the UK, or $2200 in the US , and comes with a 5-year frame warranty and a 1-year electronics warranty.

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