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The Healing Properties of South Korea’s Bamboo Salt

In South Korea, bamboo salt is as ubiquitous as the table variety, except it’s considered a form of medicine used to combat disease, indigestion and pain. One of the country’s most trusted forms of bamboo salt was invented by famed medicine man, Dr. Kim Ilhoon, who patented a top-secret, 1,300-day long process to create the highest quality version of the stuff.

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Now, he’s handed down his practice to his son, Kim Yoonse, who has carried on his father’s legacy by establishing Insanga, a company distributing bamboo salt throughout South Korea and beyond.Bamboo salt is manufactured through a unique ancient method based on the theory of The Five Elements.via(hk3)

It has been commonly used as an essential home-based natural health medicine for medicinal, skin care and general health purposes in Korea for more than thousand years.It provides alkaline organic mineral salt (pH level 9-12) and supplies 70-80 minerals and trace elements.


It is a strong anti-oxidant (with ORP level up to -426mV) and able to revitalize body cells effectively. Long-hours high-temperature processing makes bamboo salt an element emitting far infrared wavelength which boosts blood circulation effectively.