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The High Capacity WR00 Series Carted Wheel Rakes

Rotary rakes and wheel rakes that perform.The Frontier™ Rotary Rakes are perfect for hay producers looking to maximize their output of crops, and for commercial haymakers looking to shave a little time in the field, High-Capacity Wheel Rakes give you high-performance and consistency to tackle nearly any type of terrain.

source/image(PrtSc): John Deere

These carted wheel rake models use 8, 10, or 12 rake wheels, and have working widths ranging from 17 to 24 feet (5.18 – 7.32 m).These rakes also offer several features that improve performance and value over previous models.This video features the WR0010 Carted Wheel Rake from Frontier.

A dual-spring rake arm suspension allows you to choose from 3 different arm suspension settings. You can adjust the spring tension to match different terrain and crop conditions.You can also easily vary the windrow width by adjusting the raking angle.


A simple 2-point position pin-and-hole adjustment will vary the windrow width so you can match your baler pick-up.For transport mode, both rake arms fold onto the transport cart and are secured in position using wing locks, wing hydraulic lockout valves, and transport chain.