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Honey Bee 500 Horsepower 2WD Homemade Giant Tractor

Greg and Glenn Honey are the founders of Honey Bee Manufacturing, a company in Frontier, Saskatchewan, Canada that produces farm equipment.

source/image(PrtSc): RealAgriculture

Looking to add a bigger tractor to their farm and save some money along the way, Greg and Glenn Honey of Bracken, Saskatchewan spent the winter of 1978-79 building a giant yellow and black workhorse that has come to symbolize farmer ingenuity and sheer power.

source/image(PrtSc): RealAgriculture

The original 500 horsepower, 2-wheel-drive Honey Bee tractor returned to Canada’s Farm Progress Show this year for the first time since its debut at the show in 1979.The tires are what we’d find on a big front end loader and the fronts are the style normally found on the rear of turf tractors.


Featuring a VTA-1710 v12 Cummins engine, a 13-speed Eaton transmission, air-start (as you can hear in the video below) and earthmover tires, the machine served as the main tractor on Honey Farms from 1979 to around 1995.

This tractor worked so well that the guys built a second one! That tractor is still on their farm awaiting the nut and bolt restoration that this one has already gone through.It is great to hear Greg Honey tell the story of this tractor and the thought process behind it.