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The Human Car Imagine PS, A Crank-Powered Muscle Car – “Welcome To The Future”

This car is beautiful and it handles like a dream. It’s fast, cool, makes you ultra healthy and oh yeah, saves the planet. Welcome to the future.

source/image(PrtSc): HumanCar

The vehicle converts the rowing motion of the driver and any passengers into rotational thrust to charge a battery and power the vehicle in conjunction with an electric motor./humancar

source/image(PrtSc): HumanCar

How it works is fairly simple: The car, similar to a rowing machine, occupants generate electricity by pulling on small handles located inside the car.The best part is that all occupants can help propel the car, making it ideal for car-pooling.


POWER LEVEL: Up to 2,500 Watts of human powered electrical generation and up to 10 Kw-Hrs of stored electrical energy are combined to provide both vehicle power (up to 50 Kw) and standby power up to 3 Kw supplied as 120 Volt AC. Prototypes have powered freezers and lights for days when.Utility power was unavailable.

The vehicle is designed for speeds in excess of 200 Kilometers per hour (125 MPH), although in most jurisdictions the maximum speed allowed may be 50 K/Hr or less. 1.3 RANGE: The battery complement and the speed of operation along with the amount of added human electrical generation will cause the range to vary from 50 Km (30 miles) with a 2.5 Kw-Hr battery pack and no additional generation up to 250 Km (150 Miles) using the 10 Kw-Hr battery supplemented by human generation. Your results will vary with the speed of operation./HumanCar