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Human-Powered Hydrofoil Aqua Bike Hydrofoil


Walk on water? AquaSkipper converts the power generated by your up-and-down motion to let you fly high above the water’s surface,without producing any noise, fumes or water contamination.

source/image: Inova Online

We invented the AquaSkipper for water enthusiasts who want the experience of gliding silently in harmony with nature while getting an amazing workout. And because you are jumping on a forgiving surface – water – your workout is low impact.

The AquaSkipper is easy to learn and launches easily from a raised spot, like a dock or boat. The specially-designed hydrofoils move like a bird’s wings, allowing you to soar above the water and maintain much faster speed than other water devices without hydrofoils.



When you jump, the hydrofoil wing is driven downward, changing its angle; as it rises up, the wing shape generates lift and moves the AquaSkipper forward. The spring amplifies your jumping rhythm and makes it more efficient. You can even use the AquaSkipper to surf on small waves! There is nothing else like it on the water.

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