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The Hydroponic Vertical Garden For Your Home

The hydroponic vertical farm for your home. Simple, clean and 40% more efficient. Salads and more in your indoor garden all year around

Herbert is changing how fresh food is grown. Making it possible for everyone to produce locally at home. The in-house developed LED technology and hydroponic system allow for optimal growth of your plants all year around. This way you can harvest up to 40% more.

Indoor farming has never been that simple, clean and beautiful. Create your own living and colorful picture on any wall. It is completely leak proof. Choose between a beechwood or poplar finish.


Herbert is a hydroponic vertical garden, which means that plants grow directly in water and no soil has to be used. This technology is also used by e.g. NASA for producing food crops on space exploration missions. This way planting needs less space, is clean and much more efficient.