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The Inspirational Story of a One-Legged BMXer – Julián Molina

After a collision with one of the local buses when he was younger, Julian Molina was left with a completely destroyed foot, which later became infected with gangrene, traumatically resulting in the amputation of his entire leg. Most would quit here, but not Julian.

image credit: Facebook Julian David Molina Saldarriaga

Despite his situation, the man has only looked forward and up, and two wheels has been his vehicle in that journey. Today he’s stomping tricks he couldn’t land with two legs, and riding with a bigger heart and smile than most. This is Julian Molina’s story.

Molina was undeterred, however, and continued pursuing his BMX passion to the point where he can now be seen landing backflips and full cabs with ease. Citing a quote from Mahatma Gandhi as inspiration for his progression, Molina told Red Bull he doesn’t like to imagine himself as being handicapped.



He Hopes to one day achieve his goal of becoming a professional BMX rider – despite only having one leg. Now, the 18-year-old spends his days perfecting tricks such as the decade and 360 one hander, proving he has come a long way since losing his leg when he was just seven.