Home Technology The JetPack Aviation “Speeder”, A Jet Turbine-Powered Flying Motorcycle

The JetPack Aviation “Speeder”, A Jet Turbine-Powered Flying Motorcycle

JetPack Aviation introduces The Speeder! Our new vehicle is fully stabilized and is smaller, faster, and easier to fly than any other aircraft in its class! The Jetpack Aviation Speeder Flying Motorcycle is powered by 4 turbojet engines capable of 750 foot-pounds of thrust.

source/image(PrtSc): JetPack Aviation

Jet turbine-powered flying motorcycles is capable of 150 mph speeds and 15,000 ft altitude,depending on the weight and density of the pilot, it is possible to operate for 10 to 22 minutes.

The Speeder features a fully-stabilised fly-by-wire system with 360-degree collision avoidance, and a 12inch touchscreen display so that you can keep track of vital stats.Jetpack Aviation is taking orders now on its US$380,000 jet turbine-powered flying motorcycle.


Running on kerosene, JetA or diesel, you can get yourself between 10 and 22 minutes in the air, dependent on pilot weight and density altitude.The experimental version of “The Speeder” will be available in America, needing a pilot’s license to operate.