Home Technology The JMEKA – A Self-Propelled Mini Digger On 4 Wheels!

The JMEKA – A Self-Propelled Mini Digger On 4 Wheels!

Smartpel Move, a multi-function and self-propelled mini-digger on wheels, designed to work quickly and efficiently while maintaining comfort and maximum safety.

source/image(PrtSc): JMEKA Mini pelles

The Jmeka Smartpel is the Swiss army knife for micro-excavators, it is a compact 6-in-1 tool for a featherweight of 495 kg.The Smartpel is intended for digging, leveling, drilling, uprooting, moving and loading during your development work.

Self-propelled on 4 wheels, rotation 360 ° continuously, it exists in Smartpel Track version (on rubber tracks). Jmeka also offers a wide range of accessories to optimize the uses.


Smartpel mini excavators are combined with a series of accessories for digging, leveling, drilling, uprooting and loading. Genuine Swiss knives for the garden.


  • Operating Weight: 495 kg
  • Engine and Power: Briggs & Stratton – 9 hp (306 cm3)
  • Passage Width: 950 mm
  • Excavation Depth (max): 1,250 mm
  • Maximum Outreach Range: 2,610 mm
  • Breakout Force 900 kg