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The Ksar Draa Castle In The Middle Of An Ocean Of Dunes


Ksar is the North African term for “fortified village,” from Arabic language.The Berber original word for “ksar” used in North Africa by the Berber-speaking populations is aghrem. In the Maghreb, the term has a more general meaning of “fortified village,” or “fort”.

source/image: Museum of Artifacts

The Ksar Draa in Timimoun, Algeria, is an ancient ruin that stands out in the middle of an ocean of dunes, and it’s history has been lost over the centuries.

source/image: Museum of Artifacts

Circular and isolated in the desert, the Ksar Draa in Timimoun rises magnificently in the middle of a huge bowl of sand dunes.However, the history of this place has been lost to the sands of time.


Some sources claim that it was occupied by Jews of the Timimoun region in southern Algeria. There is little that remains of the structure that helps to understand the original function.

source/image: Inside Africa

The circular wall that surrounds the structure is about 2 meters (6.6 feet) high. There is also a double wall, the outside wall is made of stones bound with clay and the internal one is made up of only clay. The access point is to the north.

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