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The Megalithic 48 Tonnes Bath Known As The “Tsar Bath” At The Palace Of Babolovo

The Babolovsky Palace was essentially a summerhouse with seven rooms giving on to a park, a quaint octagonal tower and no second floor.Alexander I of Russia used the palace for his furtive rendezvous with Sophia Velho, a court banker’s daughter. He commissioned Vasily Stasov to redesign the palace.(wikipedia).

source/image: wikipedia

Discovered in Babolovo Palace just outside of the city of St. Petersburg, Russia this gigantic bathtub is called the “Tsar Bath”. The giant tub was carved out of a single piece of granite that weighed 160 tonnes and originated from one of the Finnish islands.

source/image: enigmadigest

It took Sukhanov 10 years to get the job done, and the resulting piece of work is a true masterpiece. The Tsar Bath has a height of 1.96 m, a depth of 1.52 m, and a width of 5.33 m. The walls of the tub are 45 cm thick, and its weight was reduced from the original 160 tonnes to 48 tonnes.

source/image: wikipedia

8000 buckets of water (about 12 tonnes) could be contained in this bath. Given the immensity of the bath, the workers renovating the palace had to first place the tub into its designated room before having the walls and roof constructed.


The strange artifact poses many questions, how was the original 160 ton piece of granite transported from the Finnish islands to a town just outside of St.Petersburg?

During WWII the Nazi’s had attempted to transport the Tsar Bath to Germany, but found it impossible due to the baths size. So the bath remained at the palace where it still is today.