Home Technology The MHZ-027X Robot Towing a 2500lb Acura RSX

The MHZ-027X Robot Towing a 2500lb Acura RSX

This video shows the MHZ-027X towing a 2500 lb Acura RSX. It demonstrates the towing power of the Super Mega Bot Robotic platform from Inspectorbots.

source/image(PrtSC): www.Inspectorbots.com

Inspectorbots designs, builds and markets a line of rugged robotic platforms for a wide range of domestic and international customers.

The MHZ-027X Robot is a 4WD unmanned electric vehicle with a steel plated shell. It comes with a FPV system for more immersive teleoperation.


The Vision System includes a Wireless Pan / Tilt, low lux camera with Night Vision. You can see up to 35 ft. in total darkness! It has a High Powered Transmitter and Receiver.