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The Mini Pop Bee, An Amazing Micro Truck Camper, Sleeps 4, 6ft Head Room

There are those who like to have the biggest motorhome they can possibly drive, carrying all the comforts of home with them. Then, there are others who subscribe to a more minimalist philosophy: keep it small, keep it efficient — not to mention affordable and eco-friendly.

source/image: CampingCarJoa

This amazing tiny truck camper has space to sleep a family of 4. And there is enough space to stand for people up to 6 feet tall.

source/image: CampingCarJoa

In Japan this kind of car is called Kei-Jidosha which means a small-size car. It is relatively small, but comfortable enough for 4 persons. Micro campers like this are very popular Japan.


No wonder–this Campervan fits where nothing else would.Minipop Bee keeps the total height low while driving and adopts a pop-up scheme to secure the maximum space when you spend inside.

Built-in winter parking,heater allows cheap and comfortable all year round camping. You can park this van on any parking lot.Manufacturer: MYSTIC TSC,Model: Mini Pop Bee.