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The Monolithic “Rock of Guatapé” in Colombia – Stone of El Peñol

The Rock of Guatapé (Spanish: El Peñón de Guatapé),also known as the Stone of El Peñol , or simply La Piedra or El Peñol,is a landmark inselberg in Colombia. It is located in the town and municipality of Guatapé, Antioquia.

source/image: BORIS G/Flickr

The town of El Peñol, which borders Guatapé, has also historically claimed the rock as their own and thus the monolith is sometimes referred to as the “Stone of El Peñol” instead of the “Rock of Guatapé”.

source/image: BORIS G/Flickr

The landform is a granitic rock remnant that has resisted weathering and erosion, likely as result of being less fractured than the surrounding bedrock. Peñón de Guatapé is an outcrop of the Antioquia Batholith


Near the base of the Rock, there are food and market stalls for shopping. About halfway up the stairs, there is a shrine to the Virgin Mary. The summit contains a three-story viewpoint tower, a convenience store, and a seating area.

A new species of plant was found on the top of the rock, subsequently named Pitcairnia heterophylla by a German scientist.A viewing spot was eventually built on top of the rock. There are 740 steps to the uppermost step atop the building at the summit, a fact reinforced by yellow numbers also seen in the climb up the stairs.In the 1940s, the Colombian government declared it a “National Monument”.