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The Most Insane First-Person Mountain Biking Video Ever


The video I did of my RedBull Rampage 2017 first run. Thanks so much to everyone who supported me all these years, and to those who got me people’s choice award! You are the best juges! Enjoy what you do is all that really matters: What a great riding day it was!

image/text credit: Antoine Bizet

A first-person video from People’s Choice Award winner Antoine Bizet’s run shows just how berserk stomping a double back flip looks from a biker’s perspective.

This viewpoint of the death-defying course really gives you a good idea just how big a pair of balls you need to compete in this event.


Virgin, Utah is known for its stunning terrain, comprised of yawning sandstone cliffs and a bright red backsplash that serves as the ultimate mountain biking venue. It is easy to carve aesthetic lines out of the sloping plateaus and down steep rock faces.