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The Most Powerful Mercedes F1 Engine Ever Made!

Three and a half years after making its debut, the Mercedes-AMG Formula One Power Unit has now achieved a conversion efficiency of more than 50% during dyno testing in Brixworth.

image/text credit: Mercedes-AMG

In other words, it now produces more power than waste energy – a remarkable milestone for any Hybrid, let alone a flat-out racing engine.Owen Jones,Head of Performance & Controls at Mercedes-AMG High Performance Powertrains, explains how it works.

The unit responsible for the Mercedes’ F1 engines, discusses how significant 50 percent thermal efficiency is in the racing.Thermal efficiency is a potential energy burned in gasoline. Engines, therefore, must extract and as much useful work, or power, from fuel as possible.


One of these aids the engine in driving the rear wheels while the other is used to spool up a turbocharger.The best part is that this same powertrain will end up in the road car!