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The New 2018 “Audi A8” The Most High-Tech Car Ever! The Perfect Sedan

The new 2018 Audi A8 becomes the new gold standard among the competition.With more than 40 driver assistance systems, a so-called Traffic Jam Pilot system which is a completely self-driving, level 3 autonomous system, so the driver doesn’t have to watch the road when active. It only works in low-speed traffic limited to about 31mph on motorways.

source/image: YOUCAR

The video shows the Audi AI remote parking pilot, Audi AI remote garage pilot, manoeuvre assist, pre sense side, cross traffic assist, active suspension, elevated entry and exit and rim protection.

The A8 will be offered with the choice of two turbocharged V6 engines from the outset of sales in October. One is a 3.0-litre petrol unit developing 335bhp in the 3.0 TFSI and the other a 3.0-litre diesel with 264bhp, 10bhp more than its predecessor, in the 3.0 TDI.


The car’s zFAS processor crunches data coming from 360-degree radar, 360-degree cameras, and a forward-looking laser-radar unit that can create a 3-D model of the world in real time.The new A8 has a 48-volt active suspension system to make the ride more comfortable, and by all accounts the system is a technological masterpiece.