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The “Nikola One”, a Hydrogen-Electric Sleeper Semi-truck

The Nikola One is a semi-truck sleeper cab, meaning it’s got a little apartment behind the driver’s seat. The Nikola Two will be a day cab version that’s a little shorter and cheaper, but running the same hyrdogen-charged electric motor set.

image: Nikola Motor Company

Like an EV automobile, the Nikola trucks have a big brick of batteries at the bottom producing 320 kWh of energy. This will feed an independent electric motor at each axle, allowing for advanced traction control and for the first time on a big-rig: independent suspension.

image: Nikola Motor Company

The full-scale, zero-emission semi will offer a range between 800 and 1200 miles, and produce 1,000 horsepower, about twice that of an average diesel truck. The company also claims it will operate at half the cost of a comparable diesel truck.


The truck will also feature regenerative braking, weight about 2,000 pounds less than a diesel truck, and have 2,000 foot pounds of torque, allowing it to accelerate with a full load much faster than a diesel truck.

Nikola Motor Company unveiled its electric sleeper semi-truck, the Nikola One. In addition to unveiling the Nikola One, Nikola made several other monumental announcements including: a partnership with Ryder.

Granting Nikola owners access to their over 800 service and warranty locations across the United States and Canada, 364 planned Nikola Hydrogen Stations across the United States and Canada, a $1 Billion manufacturing facility, the Nikola Shipments software, and The Nikola Two, the electric day cab semi-truck.