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The One And Only 1000Hp Hemi V8 Rocket II Trike

Check out Tim Cotterill’s insane monster Rocket 2. It’s a result of three years of hard work but can we all agree that it was worth it!But first thing I noticed is the unusual futuristic design and the three wheels. This might be the maddest machine on the road!

image/text credit: Jay Leno’s Garage 

A sculptor by trade, Frogman Tim Cotterill brought his trike design to Blastolene, the same folks who built Jay’s Tank Car. Now the powerful and eccentric Rocket II Trike is on the road, powered by a blown Hemi V8, which generates over 1000 hp.

This absolute monster looks stunningly awesome. Even though it looks like there are two wheels at the front, there is actually one giant piece of aluminum onto which two tires are placed.


This bike is, without a doubt, one of the most badass contraptions we’ve ever seen! Is it safe? Probably not so much, but then again, where’s the fun in that?