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The Only Bugatti G Tank To Survive WW2 – It Was Buried Under Ground


One of the coolest parts of the Simeone Museum was the winner circle. The 5 cars that Simeone had that had won huge races. One of which being this 1936 Bugatti 57G.Because the other two were destroyed, this is the only remaining. Pretty cool to say the least.

image/source: superspeedersRob

How valuable this car was to its owner as, in an attempt to keep Nazi fingers off of it, they decided to bury the machine during the war, sticking it in a tomb of sorts so that the opposition wouldn’t be able to steal it.

It’s pretty crazy to think of this thing surviving underneath the surface of the earth for a period of time as a war was going on over top of it and the people who owned it were able to survive the war to eventually find the car once again and take it back up to breathe again int the post-war world.


The Bugatti Type 57G Tank was built in Molsheim in 1936 and 1937,it was decided to combine the standard type 57S chassis with the Bugatti 3.3-liter row eight cylinder and a wheelbase of 2.98 m. The engine of the 57G Tank delivers approximately 200 hp and, thanks to the aerodynamically designed body, could quickly reach higher speeds than that of the competitors at the time.