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The Only Remaining 1965 FORD GT40 108 Roadster Prototype

The Ford GT 108 is an important car in the history of racing. It was the first car built by Ford Advanced Vehicles division. The first of four roadsters and the only Ford GT driven by Jim Clark.

image credit: girardo

Ford GT 108 was built for Shelby American as a prototype, test bed and promotional platform. It never saw any competition on the track but drivers such as Ken Miles, Sir Stirling Moss and Jack Brabham all had a chance behind the wheel.

image credit: girardo

Even Carroll Shelby and Henry Ford II had their turn in the car…You can almost imagine the conversation going on between those two as they drove around the track in GT 108.

image credit: girardo

This GT40, chassis GT/108, is the first Roadster ever built. In October 1964, the bare roadster chassis was delivered by Abbey Panels to Ford Advanced Vehicles (FAV) in Slough with assembly starting on 2nd November.


GT/108 is the only roadster to continually survive in its original configuration, and one of the four GT40 Roadsters built using a steel chassis.

All the other GT40 roadsters were later converted to hardtops or cut into pieces to avoid a dispute with the US government over the way they were imported, but somehow, this one survives. Even though it was never actually raced in period, this is easily one of the most important GT40s of all time.