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The OR2T – Yamaha’s 4-Wheeled Prototype Motorcycle

If there was any doubt Yamaha is devoting engineering resources to the idea of leaning multi wheel vehicles, this should erase those thoughts, it’s the OR2T, a 4 wheel leaning motorcycle concept, based on the Tesseract leaning 4 wheeler from 2007. It looks like a well developed test bed for finding out how it works on the road and getting feedback for further refinement.

source/image: Yamaha

In fact, watching the OR2T in action makes us understand that Yamaha has been working around the clock to create such interesting working prototypes.

source/image: Yamaha

Obviously derived from the Tesseract concept Yamaha showed to the world back in 2007, the OR2T takes things to the next level. The front end of the Yamaha OR2T differs from that of the Tesseract and seems better adapted to real-life street use.


Some say that the power plant of the OR2T concept appears to be the one Yamaha uses in their flagship adventure bike, the XT1200Z Super Tenere. The 4-wheeler seems to have a shaft final drive integrated into the independent swingarms, and the engine does indeed look similar to that in the Super Tenere.

It would not come as a huge surprise learning that Yamaha decided to use the XT1200Z mill for such a project. As far as we can tell, the Yamaha OR2T might very well be the next machine Yamaha rolls out. And with a powerful, proven engine, such a 4-wheeler would surely have the edge in competing with other similar machines.