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The Original Aston Martine One-77 Prototype


This isn’t just any Aston Martin One-77, this is the original prototype that attended events around the world, and I filmed over a decade ago! I’m with ArtVanDelay in Arizona to take in all the details of this unique car, wrapped in satin chrome, before getting behind the wheel!

source/image: Shmee150

It’s crazy to think that I first filmed this car in the summer of 2011, almost 12 years ago now, the very One-77 factory prototype that was used for media and activities all around the world and have seen numerous times around the world. However, today I’m with the new owner, James from @artvandelay to find out all about it before heading out for a ride and drive.

There were originally 77 One-77s built for customers, with the most powerful naturally aspirated engine in the world at the time and a glorious soundtrack too from that 7.3l NA V12 built by Cosworth. While a number have been involved in incidents along the way, the majority of the prototypes that were built have gone onto other projects like the Vulcan prototype and one-off Victor, with this car moving on to a VIP Aston Martin customer.


It’s now treasured in James’ possession, where he has created a full record of the car’s history, compiled numerous documents and magazines that show part of its life, and even sourced a set of the shoes that were gifted to media attending events back at the time.