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The Paravelo Is The world’s First Flying Bicycle

A new British design of bicycle called a paravelo that transforms into an easy-to-operate aircraft, requires no licence to ride or fly, soars to altitudes of 4,000ft and folds down small enough to store in the hallway, goes on sale today.

image/text credit: eta

At the heart of the design is a folding bicycle that tows a lightweight trailer carrying a powerful fan; the entire assembly is small and light enough to be carried into a house or office.

image/text credit: eta

A built-in tent allows for longer journeys and makes possible flying and camping, or flamping as it has been dubbed. In order to fly, the bike docks with its trailer, a flexible wing is unfurled and an electric starter fires up the biofuel-powered 172cc motor.



The £10,000 paravelo has undergone successful test flights over the English countryside and promises to revolutionise the way we travel for work, leisure and adventure.

The paravelo can take-off from any piece of open ground clear of obstructions. Once airborne, it flies at 25mph for up to three hours at a time.