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The Peristaltic Shot – A Mechanical Precision Shot Pouring Device

Benjamin Cowden has reated an absolutely ingenious steampunk-style hand-cranked device that uses a peristaltic pump to measure out and release exactly the right amount of alcohol needed to fill a single shot glass.

image/text credit: Benjamin Cowden

This device comprises a mechanically driven peristaltic pump which pulls liquor from a bottle into a graduated separatory funnel serving as a measuring device, after which a precisely measured shot can be deposited into a glass.

The pump body consists of five cantilevered arms bearing rollers which compress a soft silicone tube. As the rollers travel clockwise around the housing, they create vacuum inside the tube and draw liquid up from the bottle.


A handcrank below the pump housing is limited to clockwise turning with a one-way bearing hidden inside the stem.The intricate systems of linkages and cams help to bring life to the kinetic sculpture with the continuous flow of articulations. This machine would definitely be a great accessory to serve perfect shots to guests at your home bar.