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The Planet Mini Caravan, With a Huge Interior Space


The Planet Mini caravan is the smallest of the W Caravan lineup. But you would never guess that by looking inside.

source/image: CampingCarJoa

It’s comes with everything you need. It has a spacious bathroom, large dinette that converts into a bed big enough for 3.

source/image: CampingCarJoa

The simple design filled a gap in the market providing the convenience, fun and adventure of camping without the complications and restrictions of caravans.


It can sleep three people, has kitchen, a dining room table and a bathroom with a shower. Hopefully, you aren’t over 6’5 though, as your head would be hitting the ceiling of the micro-motorhome.

With excellent on-road and off-road capabilities the planet mini Caravan is ideal for weekend breaks, cycling holidays, festivals, sporting events or just to get away anywhere you want.


  • Height: 2600mm
  • Width: 2200mm
  • Length: 4800mm
  • Weight: 750kg
  • Sleeps: 3~4
  • Price: 22,500,000 Won
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