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The Process Of Making/Joining A Twin R/C Nitro Engine

YouTube’s JohnnyQ90 has an entire channel dedicated to designing, building, hacking and tinkering with tiny piston and turbine engines. In this project, he builds a twin-engine setup with side-by-side motors turning a single output shaft.

image/text credit: JohnnyQ90

The two cylinders dynamically balance the engine, making it a smoother running and more reliable idling engine than a single bore motor of the same size.

Having double the spark this engine not only idles better, it also has quicker throttle response and a much nicer exhaust note!It seems simple enough, but the project took a ton of work.


JohnnyQ90 had to design and fabricate a new intake, twin exhausts, and a system to get the two engines’ output shafts to turn a single clutch. There’s plenty of soothing, mesmerizing lathe footage here—everything is built from raw metal stock—and the precision is fascinating.