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The Purpose Of Contra Rotating Propellers On An Aircraft


In this video from Military TV we are going to discuss “what is the purpose of having contra-rotating propellers on an aircraft?” the detailed answer is only available at this channel, stay tune and watch this video till the end!

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As we can see that some aircrafts are equipped with contra-rotating propellers. Contra-rotating propellers refers to an installation in which two propellers are attached to the same engine with one is installed immediately behind the other.

It applies the maximum power of a single piston or turboprop engine to drive two coaxial propellers in contra-rotation (rotating in opposite direction around the same axis) and power is transferred from the engine via a planetary gear or spur gear transmission.


The torque on the aircraft from a pair of contra-rotating propellers effectively cancels out.Contra-rotating propellers have been found to be between 6% and 16% more efficient than normal propellers.The efficiency of a contra-rotating propeller is somewhat offset by its mechanical complexity and the added weight of this gearing that makes the aircraft heavier, thus some performance is sacrificed to carry it.All content on Military TV is presented for educational purposes./Military TV

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