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The Real Meaning of Pyramids Revealed by Russian Scientists

You know that Egypt is popular because of its pyramids, but Sudan has more pyramids than Egypt. However, South America has the highest number of pyramids in the whole world.Many scientists across the world are still questioning what the point of the pyramids is. Why the ancient people constructed these buildings?

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Not long ago, scientists from Russia probably found evidence of the aim of pyramids. Since always, pyramids have been a great mystery.A Ukrainian physicist, Dr. Krashnoholovets dedicated more than 10 years to constructing and exploring pyramids.


A Short List of the Effects of the Pyramids That Krashnoholovets Discovered:

  • Improved regeneration of tissues
  • Increased function of the immune system
  • The seismic activity is lower
  • Repairmen of the ozone above pyramids
  • Faster growth of seeds stored in pyramids
  • Lowered violent weather around pyramids
  • Increased production of oil in Russia
  • Lower violence noticed in prisoners who consumed food from pyramids
  • Improved healing of tissues after infections
  • In the inside of pyramids, the radiation was lowered
  • Pyramids affect the conductivity
  • Water remains in liquid form even if the temperature is -40 Celsius, but if you move it, it will immediately freeze
  • Well, this means that pyramids are surprisingly great, helpful in protecting, healing, and vitalizing.

Also, he got back up from the government of Russia and made a pyramid outside Moscow, which was tall 144 feet.David Wilcock Talks About Russian Pyramid Research based on the factual information available.