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The Red Giant, The World’s Longest Semi-Tractor!


The former record holder one of a kind 1990 Diamond Reo is owned by Bryan and Denise Dax. They have been owner operators for the past 30 years in a small Midwest town. As this truck traveled down the highway from Wisconsin to the east coast and Florida, it caught the attention of many travelers.

source/image(PrtSc): John The Mouse Video

It’s called the Red Giant. it’s owners started REO Mobile Media, LLC. This video takes you around Red Giant on a closer look then if it passes you down the road.via: John The Mouse Video

Red Giant is a one of kind outdoor digital advertising machine with slide out sleeper. I’m sure it turns heads and makes a memorable impressions. Length: 93′ with trailer,Weight: 72,000LBS.


Two brilliant 66 square foot LED screens.11′ x 6′ high visibility LED digital billboards.The cab is customized like an RV inside with wood floors, bathroom, pull down bed, fridge, two burner stove, microwave, dining table, LED lighting, central vacuum and more. The wheelbase is 430 inches.//John The Mouse Video