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The Revolutionary In-wheel Suspension System With Airless Tyre

SoftWheel,the smarter wheel for bikes. Introducing our revolutionary in-wheel suspension system that offer more comfort for the rider along with less maintenance costs for large fleets. Less Maintenance – No spokes, no flat tires. More Riders – Improved riding experience.

source/image(PrtSc): SoftWheel Ltd

SoftWheel’s system using three suspension arms built inside the wheel rim, equidistant around the hub, absorbs shocks from any direction. After an impact, the arms quickly reset absorbing almost all of the shock. Suspension arms are set equidistant around a central hub to provide shock absorption, no matter the angle of impact from an obstacle.

The advanced suspension system is placed around a central hub and actuates only when an obstacle or rough terrain is encountered, immediately returning the vehicle and rider to a level ride. The system provides 360° suspension, no matter the angle of impact.


The SoftWheel systeam also uses airless tires, this combination is a perfect match, the suspenstion system ensures a superb riding experience,while totally eliminating the need for puncture repairs.The principle can be applied to any other wheeled vehicle, from wheelchairs to motorcycles and even cars.