Home WORLD The Rhodope Skull – Mysterious Bulgarian “SKULL” Of Humanoid/Alien

The Rhodope Skull – Mysterious Bulgarian “SKULL” Of Humanoid/Alien

Initially, the item was shown only to a small group of paranormal enthusiasts although quickly attracted the attention of both the scientific community and the wider public.


The skull was soon examined by top professionals including Professor Dimiter Kovachev, director of the paleontology museum in Asenovgrad and Katya Malmet from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.


Neither expert could identify the skull, with both remarking that the item was like nothing that they had ever seen before.


The skull itself is much smaller than that of a fully grown human skull and has a vastly different bone structure than any known animal species.

It weighs only 250g and has no discernible mouth parts. Instead, there are six cavities that are thought by some to be the alien’s sensory organs.