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The Russian Schools Training Women To Be Housewives

Alesya Terekhova runs a school called Woman Inside, where she coaches young women on how to be polite and keep a tidy house.


images/text credit: Seeker Stories

She offers beauty and styling tips, and ultimately she teaches them how to keep their husbands and relationships happy. In Terekhova’s view, Russian women need men to protect them.

The courses at the school are tailored for each woman based on her needs, but they can range from refining table manners to learning to engage in interesting conversation.


Terekhova says that women come to her for help in one of three areas: to find harmony, to find a husband, and to find more money.

Terekhova continues to hold strongly to her belief system, adding “It should be noted that while working and earning money, a woman loses her feminine energy and is no longer 100% desirable. This is a fact.”