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The SORA by LITO Is The Most Advanced Luxury Electric Super Bike

The zero-emissions stunner can be fully-charged in about three hours.From carbon-filter bodywork to high-performance Ohlins suspension, the Sora by Lito has all the trimmings you’d expect from an exotic, six-figure motorcycle – except for an engine.

image credit: SORA by LITO

The Sora is the most luxurious all-electric motorcycle on the market, an expanding field that now includes speed demons like the Zero SR and the Lightning LS-218.But where other electric bikes are remarkable, the Sora is extraordinary.

image credit: SORA by LITO

The zero-emission Sora can be fully charged in 3.5 hours from a 220-volt quick-charging station or eight hours from a regular 110-volt wall outlet. In “safe range” driving mode, it can also calculate the distance between you and your destination and determine how much power it needs to get you there; just input an address and it does the rest.


And yes, the Sora has a built-in, 5.7-inch touchscreen navigation system, one of many such features you rarely see on two wheels, which include a storage compartment with a USB port for your phone and an electrically adjustable seat that can go up and down as you ride.

The higher-end Signature Series, which owners can customize to their liking for a $27,000 premium, also comes with lightweight carbon-fiber wheels and components sourced from around the world, like Beringer brakes from France and Rizoma mirrors from Italy.