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The TANCO S100 Autowrap, Three Point Linkage Wrapper


The TANCO S100 Autowrap is a single dispenser, three point linkage wrapper. A is robust, yet light-weight wrapper, this compact machine allows a single operator to transport, wrap and stack the bale with one tractor or loader.

source/image(PrtSc): TancoTV

The Tanco S100 is fully automatic and is controlled by an RDS Expert controller.Max Bale Weight is 1200 Kgs (2700lbs) and 1.5m (5FT) Diameter.

The patented folding arm system enables the storing and stacking of bales side by side when wrapping. The twin tower design adds to the overall strength and durability.


All functions of the wrapper are controlled through a Single Hydraulic Block. The VariWrap S200 sees the introduction of Proportional Hydraulic Control. This allows for incremental speed adjustment, ensuring a smooth and more consistent wrapping operation.