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The Taxidermy Diorama Art of Brooke Weston

Born and raised on the Monterey Peninsula in California, Brooke Weston found her creative interest in painting and drawing early in life. Her passion for mixed media sculptures came later and is now her primary artistic focus.

images credit: Tested


Weston’s surreal juxtapositions of three-dimensional dioramas encased in taxidermy feature her childhood infatuations with amusement parks, dollhouses and the morbid.


Weston’s work vacillates between the dark, bizarre, and playful. Each piece possesses a radical uniqueness.


Each piece is a combination of fastastical miniature and dioarma, housed in found taxidermy.

Combining fantastical and sometimes macabre concepts with elements of nostalgia and whimsy, Weston’s sculptures entertain the viewer while provoking curiosity