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The Titan R e-Bike, A 1000W Vintage Looking E-Motorcycle

Taking inspiration from vintage motorcycle designs of the past, and combining it with modern battery and motor technology, the design of their Titan electric bike from Tempus Electric Bikes is unlike anything you have seen before.

source/image(PrtSc): Tempus Electric Bikes

The Titan is perfect for riding to work, going for a cruise, exploring the city, or an off-road adventure all while turning heads.It has adual crown suspension, 26″ all terrain tires and dual disc brakes to check all the performance boxes. But the most notable feature about the bike is the vintage cafe racer styling.

Built with aircraft grade steel and modeled after a vintage motorcycle, this retro electric bike is equipped with a 1000W hub motor, a removable lithium ion battery, and a leather motorcycle seat. It quickly reaches a top speed of 28 MPH (45km/h) and has a 40+ mile range (65+ km).


The bike offers an LCD screen. It requires a passcode to start the electric motor, and you can choose to limit the top speed if you want to make the most of the range, and there’s the ability to make the bike a pedal assist machine instead of it running on pure electric power, according to electrek.