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The TrikExplor 4×4 Electric Fat Tire Recumbent Quad

MF426E emphasizes the ability of country cross and hill climbing. Like SUV, this quad can drive on snowfields, muddy roads, and sandy beaches freely due to its excellent grip ability.All four wheels are powered by pedaling, motor or both. A lever switches between 2 and 4 wheel drive.

source/image(PrtSc): Trik Explor

The concept of this design is modular. This serial includes bike, trike, quad.They have a same beam. Through freely combine the beam with different Modules, the rider can get different bike versions!

Spec: Four-wheel drive system, aluminum alloy 6061 frame,  26×4.8 tire,  DNM air spring suspension, SRAM11 speed, 500w mid drive motor.The motor provides more torque than speed and is on a fixed gear ratio. When getting those front tires to go up steps or over logs the additional torque boost is right on time.


This bike is truly a highly functional 4 wheel drive recumbent quad. Four wheel drive is selectable.The motor (500W) is efficient and sips power if you use it to assist rather than the sole motive force. There is an additional battery that you could bring with you on long outings.