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THe Typhoon Turbines – Could Power The World After a Single Storm

The inventor of what might be the world’s first ‘typhoon turbine’ says the device can harness the power of storms to supply Japan with unbounded quantities of green energy.The team behind the egg-beater-shaped turbines were seen checking one of the devices in Nanjo, Okinawa Prefecture, on Monday.

Atsushi Shimizu: “When the nuclear accident happened five years ago, it inspired me to build this storm turbine.”

Atsushi Shimizu: “There is wind-generated electricity all over the world, but, for example, when put on top of mountains or on islands, they get damaged immediately.Japan is also an island country and it is said that the wind here is not stable and a propeller quickly gets broken.”


Atsushi Shimizu“Like in Japan, or similar countries, like in the Philippines, our wind-generated electricity is so useful. There are a lot of islands in the world, so we are challenging ourselves to make electricity, at first in the southern island.”

A mature typhoon produces a level of kinetic energy “equivalent to about half the world-wide electrical generating capacity,” according to the Atlantic Oceanographic & Meteorological Laboratory.