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U.F.O 2.0 Disc Shaped Living Floating House Concept


The U.F.O 2.0 is a 20 meters diameter floating structure, with a total surface of 314 sqm, the central shell is divided in three different floors, the main living floor (80 sq m) with kitchen, storage room and bathroom, the sub level (50 sq m) with seabed view bedroom and a large bathroom and the terrace (50 sq m) as an upper deck/floor for control the vehicle.

source/image: Jet Capsule

The layout possibilities are unlimited and the UFO 2.0 can be transformed for many different purposes such hotel reception or a floating restaurant.

The UFO 2 is equipped with 2 x 80 hp electric engines able to move the floating object with an estimated maximum speed of 9 knots.Inside the disk 16 Batteries are installed and with solar panels, wind and water turbines, the autonomy is unlimited.


The possibilities of usage and layouts are unlimited for this proposed model; the U.F.O 2.0 can be used for a number of purposes including hotel reception, gym or a floating restaurant. furthermore, the external deck can be customized into garden platforms and teak can be installed instead of panels.