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The Ultimate Floating Tiny House

Harbor Cottage Houseboats typically builds houseboat on the larger size but for “The Tiny” they decided to take the square footage factor down a couple notches. The result? See for yourself in the video.

source/image(PrtSc): Tiny House Listings

I’ve been on a couple floating tiny houses myself and even stayed on them, and actually used to own one! There’s something pretty amazing about being rocked naturally to sleep. Thanks for watching!

This tiny houseboat packs all the amenities and comforts you’d expect from a full size home. This model has a beautiful 400 square foot main floor and a surprisingly spacious lower stateroom downstairs.


This model can also be built with optional loft. Each tiny houseboat cottage has it’s own (12’x16′) front porch and a (10’x16′) covered rear porch providing access to the roof deck (24’x16′). This boat has is everything you love about lake living with room to spare, making early morning fishing and late evening skiing convenient, with all of the comforts of home!