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The Ultimate Motorcycle Trailer – The Can-Am RT-622 Trailer

Looking to go on a long road trip and need even more storage than what is already available on your Can-Am Spyder RT roadster?Maybe you are heading out to the golf course and don’t feel like taking your automobile.

source/image(PrtSc): Can-Am On-Road

The Can-Am RT-622 trailer increases the vehicle’s cargo capacity from 41 gallons (155 litres) to a cavernous 205 gallons (777 litres) of space.

source/image: Can-Am On-Road

It’s the most technologically advanced trailer available and the only factory-made trailer on the market. Trailer hitch kit and control module included.


It’s 100% water and wind resistant with Sympatex weatherproof and breathable membrane. It is also extremely light, soft and comfortable and offers numerous ventilations.The Can-Am RT-622 Trailer comes with a price of $4,499.98.

The trailer requires the Hitch Assembly and Control Module. This hitch assembly includes a plug-in module that adds a trailer mode to our VSS vehicle stability system. This ensures you get the same peace-of-mind riding with the trailer as you do without it.