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The Underwater Indiana Jones Preserving Our Past!

Known as the underwater Indiana Jones, Dr. Charles Beeker has been investigating shipwrecks since the 1960s.

source/image: Great Big Story

Unfortunately, these portholes to the past are vanishing as marine salvage operators and hobby divers are plucking treasures from these sites.

On a quest to put an end to the pilfering, the underwater archeologist is currently working with the government of the Dominican Republic to preserve and protect shipwrecks, creating the first of many living museum sites that all divers can explore for years to come.


I’ve been diving since 1963. I still get that thrill. When I jump off the boat in the water. I look at the shipwreck. I think about the history it represents. It’s a thrill. I only champion the cause of protecting shipwrecks to let people appreciate that a shipwreck is really in the environment; it’s part of the environment that need to be protected and they ought to be accessible to the public to appreciate ‘em.