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The Worlds FIRST Axial Flow Model Jet Engine

This is the first commercial model jet engine to feature an axial flow compressor, the compressor section is a 4 stage axial with a single stage axial turbine, this prototype was designed to prove that it could be done in model form.

image/text credit: ArcturanMegadonkey

It’s pretty incredible to see what kinds of miniaturized creations can come about when the creator really puts their mind to the task and gets to work with all of their energy.

Check out the video below that shows this mini monster in action. We can definitely appreciate all of the hours that have gone into designing what has come together quite nicely with this scaled plant plant.


This time, we check out a miniaturized jet engine that claims to be the first axial flow design model engine in the entire world. The physical result that is left on the table is nothing short of amazing when this thing is fired up with a little bit of help and screams a somewhat satisfying sound.