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The World’s First Four-Wheel Tilting Vehicle – The Quadro4

Qooder is the first and only vehicle in the world with 4 tilting wheels, combining the stability of a car with the zest of a motorbike.The Quadro4 is powered by a new 346cc, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder, four-stroke engine.

source/image: Quadro Vehicles

With 30hp and a range of around 300km, the engine has an integrated differential and balance shaft for reduced vibration.

source/image: Quadro Vehicles

Its unique oleo-pneumatic tilting suspension, patented as the Hydraulic Tilting System (HTS) contributes to optimal weight distribution in all driving conditions, at the front and the rear, while also lowering the vehicle’s center of gravity.


The interesting thing about the Qooder is that you can tilt it even at very low speeds. It can lean up to 45 degrees at crawling speeds. You will probably fall off it before it falls over.Using the tilting lock lever, the scooter can be parked, claims the bike maker, on anyof surface.

The lever can be activated separately from the scooter’s brakes and activating it will lock the HTS, so that it can be easily moved within small parking spaces.The Qooder comes in Raw Black, Titanium Grey, Swiss Red and White colors. As of this writing, you can get the Qooder for 10K+ Euros.