Home Technology The World´s Largest Outdoor LED TV – The C SEED 201

The World´s Largest Outdoor LED TV – The C SEED 201


The video shows the C SEED 201, the world´s largest LED TV in the beautiful Palais Schoenburg, Vienna. Together with Porsche Design Studio the 201 inch screen with its unique kinematic technology was developed.

source/image: cseedTV

Rotatable through 270 degrees, height adjustable up to 4.6 meters (15 ft.), High Fidelity 3-way outdoor audio system including 15 speakers, underground storage and fully daylight compatible, even in direct sunlight. It´s the first of its kind.

Although this amazing, award-winning system’s been around a few years, it never ceases to impress. At 5,000 nits, it’s way brighter than regular TVs and fully daylight compatible.



The ground opens. A monumental back column rises up to first-floor height. On its top, an LED screen unfolds to a stunning, five-meter wide, dazzlingly bright display. At long last, lounging in the open air while enjoying the very best high-end sound and vision under the sun or the stars is available at the push of one single button.

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