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The World’s Rarest Pasta Is Made Entirely by Hand

For more than 300 years, the world’s rarest pasta recipe and its intricate shaping technique have been passed down by generations of women in one Sardinian family.

Today there are only a few women on the planet, including Paola Abraini, who know how to make “su filindeu.” The thread-like pasta is made exclusively by hand, requiring equal parts patience and craft to pull and fold the semolina dough into impossibly small, precise strands.

Making the pasta is so tricky—and guarded— that for the past 200 years, the dish has only been served in a small town in Sardinia.


Made with only three ingredients, including semolina wheat, water and salt, the semolina dough has to be worked into 256 perfectly formed strands further stretched into angels hair thread, which are then laid diagonally across a circular frame and built up to three layers before being dried in the Sardinian sun and broken into pieces ready for cooking.