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These Four Contortionists From Russia Are Out Of This World

Flexible four Angara Contortion push their bodies to the limits as they twist, turn and twine together in a bid to impress our panel with their out of this world routine. They presented themselves on the stage in costumes that predicted the kind of performance they were going to offer.

image/text credit: Britain’s Got Talent 

Contortionists four-piece Angara Contortion took to the stage on Sunday, wowing the judging panel with their eye-watering flexibility. When they started their contortionist routine, it took them only a few seconds to electrify and mesmerize the audience!

The group of four women are 29-year-old Bayarma, 28-year-old Imin, 27-year-old Ayagma and 20-year-old Serchmaa and they come from Buryatia, Russia.They won a unanimous thumbs up and sailed through to the next round of the competition, but it has since been revealed the performers are no strangers to impressing an audience.


As you can see from the preview clip of their audition, their flexibility and bendiness is absolutely incredible – but also rather wince-inducing.It’s all very impressive indeed – but have the girls done enough to secure their place in the next round?