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These Guys Made a Car Swing Using Two Cranes And a Daihatsu Charade. Let The Swinging Begin!

When big ideas come to your head, making them a reality can be a challenge, but this didn’t bother two dudes who managed to pull it off. These guys from Peest in Drenthe Netherlands made a car swing using two cranes and a Daihatsu Charade. Let the swinging begin !

image credit: Feest Peest

You want to go upside-down? No problem. Backwards? Done.This Swing offers so many choices that you’ll be glad it leaves you breathless and hungry for more, so that you can try as many styles as your nerves can handle.

When a couple of guys came up with a crazy idea of DYI-ing a swing, one lazy Sunday morning turned out to be loads of fun when they actually made it happen.


With the help of two heavy equipment machinery, they hooked a car on cables and used the wheels to propel it high up as a massive swing.This is the most famous swing in the whole world!